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Classic Robots

Executive Replicas has recently launched a Classic Robots of Cinema line of 6in and 12in Robots. We plan to release 10 Robots and will continue to add to our Robots of Cinema line. Our first Robot is the REPUBLIC SERIAL ROBOT (THE WATER HEATER ROBOT). We would like to know if you feel Executive Replicas should produce Classic Robots to preserve the creativity of these amazing Robots that once invaded our homes with imagery, character design, and a presence that was one of a kind, leaving their mark on us as children.


Is there a need to preserve the iconic Robots of the past?

  • Yes

  • No



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1 Comment

Richard Ong
Richard Ong
Dec 16, 2023

There definitely is a need to preserve the iconic robots of the past, and not just the human characters. The way I see it, what you are doing here is similar to what wax museum artists do, by accurately capturing the physical essence of entertainment figures, but in a way that can be purchased and cherished by people in their own homes. Please continue to keep up the wonderful work!

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