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With the internet and crowdfunding, independent comic artists and creators can reach a vast audience with a click of a button, allowing them to offer access to their stores and art. Artists can access potential customers for merchandise outside of comics, prints, and posters.


What Executive Replicas is offering you, the independent artist and creator is the opportunity to have us create a 6 in fully articulated prototype of your character to put up in your crowdfunding campaign or pre-sell to your fans/customers direct. This will allow you to bring your art to the action figure world and provide your fans the opportunity to expand their collection of your character(s).



1) Design sheets of your (c) copyright character.

2) A following of at least 1000 potential buyers (your crowdfunding should provide you the data).

3) A fee to cover consulting and prototyping

(prototyping fee varies due to size and accessories).

4) Most importantly, believe in you and your character.

Executive Replicas Will Offer The Following

1) High quality prototype of your action figure.

2) Photo and/or a video shoot of your character so you can immediately take them to campaign/pre-sell. 

3) Production cost (quote) for a minimum order of 1000 units (of one style only...color variants also have a MOQ). The MOQ will allow you to know how much each figure will cost to set your price accordingly.

4) Executive Replicas will work with you and provide you guidance during the pre-production, production, and post-production phases. Our team and proven strategies will ensure your character will be represented as a high quality action figure collectible. You will not be alone during this process. This also includes box art. 

5) Consulting you to make your figure reach customers through our proven distribution channels.

6) We can take care of the selling and distribution of your figure worldwide. This option allows you to not worry about the selling process because we will handle the logistics (a fee is associated with this option). You will receive a royalty for each figure we sell of yours.

7) We can ship to your customers if you need fulfillment (a fee is associated with this option). 

If you believe you have a character that you want to create into an action figure and  meet the above

requirements, our program will help you and your character get out to the action figure collector's world.

Contact us at to discuss this amazing opportunity to take your character

to the next level.

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