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In  1927 the film Metropolis was released, a landmark film in cinema  history not only because of the subject matter, or the cost of the  film; approx. 3 million dollars to produce, the most expensive film made at the time, but to me it was the set design and the creation of the Maschinenmensch robot by Walter Schulze-Mittendorff'.  Not only was his creation a beautiful work of art,  reflecting the art-deco movement at the time, but it was one of the first robots ever depicted in film.  To this date, Mittendorff's robot design still infatuates those seeing it for the first time.  The robot itself could stand alone as a majestic statue to sit proudly on anyone's mantelpiece or table not knowing it was from a film.
The Metropolis Robot AKA False Maria AKA Maschinenmensch is one of the most iconic robots in film history and one of the first robots to be depicted in cinema. It is also a historic piece of science fiction history. Elegant in design, The Maschinenmensch replication used all modern technology and ALL reference material available to achieve the final product. 

Executive Replicas is pleased to announce the release of the fully licensed metal plate set.
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Metropolis Robot Maria AKA Maschinenmensch

Metropolis – Maschinenmensch Metal 1/6 Scale Action Figure

Maria Metropolis
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