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Metropolis Metal Plate Set (Made to Order)

Metropolis Metal Plate Set (Made to Order)


We are proud to announce the release of a set of fully licensed metal plates paying homage and respect to the iconic film Metropolis.  The set includes 1 x set of 5 different 11"x17" metal sublimation art prints of the Maschinenmensch robot drawn by UK artist Keith Donald.


Set includes 1 x portfolio containing 5 different art plates 11"x 17" sublimation metal.

Ships to Anywhere in the world.


Message from the Artist


Keith Donald 

From an early age, I have always wanted to paint and draw, and being an artist is a way of life as well as a profession. I have always had a craving to push my own artistic and illustrative abilities and endeavors further and create works that will hopefully satisfy my clients. My inspirations have come from various sources, such as early silent cinema and mid-century advertising art and more contemporary illustrators such as comic artist Alex Ross.


My work on the Metropolis plates has been a mission of joy, and employing various elements from Fritz Langs masterpiece has been a challenge that I have accepted with open arms.


Studying stills of the film has made me appreciate the sheer magnitude of Langs vision, and I hope my work will instill curiosity and keep the film alive for future generations and also give a good idea of were Science fiction cinema had its roots and influences.


Please allow a few weeks to produce. 

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