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Bettie Page V2 Queen of Pinups ¾ Scale Bust (Sexy Bettie)

Bettie Page V2 Queen of Pinups ¾ Scale Bust (Sexy Bettie)


Bettie Page Queen of Pinups 3/4


Bust version #2 (Sexy Bettie)


Item Name: Bettie Page V2 Queen of Pinups ¾ Scale bust (Sexy Bettie)

Item No.: ERRB003

Bar Code: 614614989042


Sensual, Sexy, Erotic, Sadistic, Play-mate, U-inhibited…These are just a few names to describe the Queen of the Pin-Ups…the one and only…Bettie Page.


Born April 22nd, 1923, Bettie didn’t start her modeling career until 1951.  With her striking looks and expressions, along with her full figured body, Bettie became known as the “Girl with the Perfect Figure’.  Posing for more than 20,000 photo graphs, Bettie also was a Playboy centerfold as well as a pioneer in the fetish themed photo shoots.


With her departure from the pin-up world in the 1950’s, Ms. Page vanished until 1900’s when her images resurfaced and began selling to a new generation of collectors and fans.

Officially licensed and Authorized


Packing List:

  • 1 x 3/4 scale statue bust of Bettie Page made of PU material (polyurethane)
  • Bust measures L12.5cm x W10 cm
  • Box measurements: Height:290 mm | Width: 220 mm| Depth: 215.9 mm)
  • Bust:Weight:1.5kg


Retail price $249.99



1 product/individual box

GW: 1.21kg

Measurements: 24.3cm *9cm *38cm


6 products/master carton

GW: 8.25kg

Measurements: 58.2cm * 25.5cm * 40.5cm



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