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GRENDEL 6in Action Figure Pre Order Sale

GRENDEL 6in Action Figure Pre Order Sale


GRENDEL : 6in Action Figure Pre Order 


A name that strikes fear into hearts on both sides of the law. A lethal assassin turned criminal overlord, Grendel rules the underworld of New York and, eventually, the American east coast with a strict code of conduct and merciless judgments. By day, Hunter Rose is a dashing and world-renowned author but in his alter-ego as the masked and mysterious Grendel, he leads a double life of intrigue and adventure. His iconic mask and deadly twin-bladed fork are the symbols of his deadly dominion.


Matt Wagner’s award-winning creation is an original powerhouse of the indy comics scene and has set the standard in ground-breaking narrative drama for over four decades. Over the years, a veritable who’s who of comic-book superstars have contributed to GRENDEL’s dark legacy, including—Tim Sale, Frank Miller, Paul Pope, Mike Allred, David Mack, Jill Thompson, Derrick Robertson, Darwyn Cooke and Kelley Jones, to name just a few.


Legal: Grendel is (c) and (TM) Matt Wagner 2023



- 33 POA

- Hunter Rose head

- Spear

- Fists

- Grip hands

- Action hands

- Relaxed hands


Box dimensions : 16x24x7cm

Box weight: 255 grams


Carton Dimension : 49.5×43×50cm

Carton weight : 10.5kg approx

Contents : 36 boxes/carton


15% charge from the total order amount for canceled orders because production is due to preorder sales.


Shipping costs may increase from the time you place the order and when the item ships.


Please note our system does not charge shipping costs for each individual item when ordering more than one item for one order. Items with different release dates will require additional shipping cost when each item ordered after the first item is shipped.


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