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Hell on Earth Death Dealer Deluxe US Shipping

Hell on Earth Death Dealer Deluxe US Shipping

12in Action Figure Expected Oct 2017.  This is the deluxe version including the Death Dealer Throne and one figure.  

You will receive your item once shipping has cleared U.S. customs. We also offer a direct shipping option, which will allow you to receive your item 4-8 weeks earlier.

  • Details

    Packaging: 1set/ctn
    NW: 5.9kg/ctn
    GW: 6.5kg/ctn
    Measurements: 39cm* 39cm * 43cm/ctn
    Part List:
    2.Base with one removable skeleton accessory
    3.Death Dealer figure set:
    ① 1 pc x armed head
    ② 1 pc x Phicen the 5th. generation seamless male body with metal armature for 1:6 figure
    ③ 5 pairs x interchangeable hands
    ④ 1 pc x shoulder strap
    ⑤ 1 pc x cape
    ⑥ 1 pc x breastplate with toothed accessories
    ⑦ 1 pc x black sleeveless robe
    ⑧ 1 pair x briefs
    ⑨ 1 pair x shoulder guards
    ⑩ 1 pc x thread accessory to fasten on one arm
    11 1 pair of wrist guards
    12 1 pc x midsection armor skull plate & belt
    13 1 pair x lower leg guards
    14 1 pc x chainmail-like leg shirt with thigh guards attached
    15 1 pair x battle footwear with spurs
    16 1 set x battle sword & sheath
    17 1 pc x machete
    18 1 pc x shield
    19 1 set x 4 color packaging
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