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MONSTER HYDE 10in Action Figure

MONSTER HYDE 10in Action Figure


MONSTER HYDE is the very first figure in "The Crypt" toyline by LooseCollector Collectibles.


ORIGIN OF THE MONSTER - London, England, 1862. Sole heir of the Jekyll estates, Lord William Jekyll uncovered the chilling secrets of his late, estranged father, Dr. Henry Jekyll. Intending to use the powers of the forbidden serum for personal gain, Lord Jekyll released unimaginable evil, permanently transforming himself into an even more sinister and destructive incarnation of the terrifying monster, HYDE!


FEATURES - MONSTER HYDE stands almost 10" tall, features 30 points of useful articulation and comes with four (4) interchangeable hands and 2 head options.


PACKAGING - Each MONSTER HYDE figure will come in a beautiful, collector-friendly box.



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