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"Phantom Of The Opera -Unmasking The Masterpiece"

"Phantom Of The Opera -Unmasking The Masterpiece"

"Phantom Of The Opera - Unmasking The Masterpiece"

This documentary is a colorful and visual retrospective of the Gaston Leroux novel from versions on film, stage & television, including other productions inspired by the "Phantom". A look at how the image of the "Opera Ghost" has become iconic in our art and culture, with emphasis on the three main film versions starring Lon Chaney, Claude Rains and Herbert Lom. Film historians MICHAEL F. BLAKE, STEVE HABERMAN, and makeup artist TOM SAVINI take you behind the scenes of the film productions. CARLA LAEMMLE, niece of Universal Studios founder, Carl Laemmle, and RON CHANEY, great grandson of Lon Chaney, give personal insights into the men behind the classic 1925 film. Hundreds of rare movie posters and photos have been gathered and restored to cover all major versions of the "Phantom". Plus a visual tour of the opera house set on Stage 28 of Universal Studios, built for the original 1925 film, the oldest standing set in Hollywood, and how it was constructed. HUGH PANARO. the current Broadway star of "Phantom", relates the secrets and makeup used on the stage version, which is celebrating its 25th year. Plus so much more, a must have for any true fan of "The Phantom Of The Opera".

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    105 minutes - Color - NTSC - English Stereo - Widescreen 16:9 Format
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