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The Keeper Action Figure 12in Action Figure

The Keeper Action Figure 12in Action Figure

Based on the 1st season of the classic Lost in Space television series, this two part episode introduced one of the most memorable characters in all the Lost in Space series. This figure has at least 30 points of srticulation while the head sculpt captures the arrogant and very confident space collector, The Keeper, which was portrayed by the late great actor Micheal Rennie whose worldly remembered as Klaatu in "The Day the Earth Stood Still". Figure comes with Keeper Staff.

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  • Details

    Limited to 2000 units.

    U.S. shipping: $15.00 (We ship internationally but pricing depends on location. Shipping for Alaska, Hawaii and outside the U.S. will vary beyond $15.00). SKU: SFMAF003
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