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Deluxe Rocketeer and Betty 2 pack 1/12th Scale Action Figures

Deluxe Rocketeer and Betty 2 pack 1/12th Scale Action Figures


Executive Replicas is proud to present the 1st ever Deluxe Rocketeer & Betty 2 pack 1/12th scale action figures.


The Rocketeer is born...In 1938 Los Angeles, Cliff Secord, a local racing pilot and barnstormer discovers a rocket pack hidden by two gangsters fleeing the police. When he decides to take it for a spin, his life is turned upside down in more ways than one...


Betty is Cliff's (i.e. the Rocketeer) all-too-good-for-him-girlfriend that brings lavish beauty and form to the comic book storyline. Their on again, off again relationship is one that many can relate to.


The Rocketeer Trust, © 2023.


Designed and manufactured by LooseCollector:



The Rocketeer - 31 POA points of articulation



- unmasked head

- helmet

- 2 piece blast effect

- rocketpack

- pistol

- 6 pairs of hands (12)



Betty - 28 POA point of articulation - no accessories


Barcode# 614614989295

These are close approximate info:


box size - 12x10x3 inches

box weight - 560g


carton size - 13x21x25 inches

carton weight - 10kg

qty per carton - 16boxes


Important notice to ALL Retailers and Distributors - All PO's MUST be in no later than 02/28/2023. We will not accept any PO's after that exceptions.


15% charge from the total order amount for canceled orders because production is due to preorder sales.


Shipping costs may increase from the time you place the order and when the item ships.


Please note our system does not charge shipping costs for each individual item when ordering more than one item for one order. Items with different release dates will require additional shipping cost when each item ordered after the first item is shipped.

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