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Deluxe Rocketeer and Betty 2 pack 1/12th scale action figures

Deluxe Rocketeer and Betty 2 pack 1/12th scale action figures


Executive Replicas is proud to present the 1st ever Deluxe Rocketeer & Betty 2 pack 1/12th scale action figures.


The Rocketeer is born...In 1938 Los Angeles, Cliff Secord, a local racing pilot and barnstormer discovers a rocket pack hidden by two gangsters fleeing the police. When he decides to take it for a spin, his life is turned upside down in more ways than one...


Betty is Cliff's (i.e. the Rocketeer) all-too-good-for-him-girlfriend that brings lavish beauty and form to the comic book storyline. Their on again, off again relationship is one that many can relate to.


The Rocketeer Trust, © 2023.


Designed and manufactured by LooseCollector:



The Rocketeer - 31 POA points of articulation



- unmasked head

- helmet

- 2 piece blast effect

- rocketpack

- pistol

- 6 pairs of hands (12)



Betty - 28 POA point of articulation - no accessories


Barcode# 614614989295


Suggested retail price - $149.99


PO End date - 02/28/2023

Scheduled ship date - 6/2023


These are close approximate info:


box size - 12x10x3 inches

box weight - 560g


carton size - 13x21x25 inches

carton weight - 10kg

qty per carton - 16boxes


Important notice to ALL Retailers and Distributors - All PO's MUST be in no later than 02/28/2023. We will not accept any PO's after that exceptions.


15% charge from total order amount for canceled orders because production is due to preorder sales.