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Vampiria 12in Action Figure with Couch (Color Version)

Vampiria 12in Action Figure with Couch (Color Version)


Vampiria 12in Action Figure withCouch (Color Version)


From the Bleeding-Heart of Hollywood comes Vampira!


You’ve never met Vampira… but you will. She’s been waiting for you for a long time. Perhaps you’ll run into her in one of those dreams that leave you icy. Still, if you’re lucky, you’ll see her appear at the stroke of midnight. Vampira is the ghoul that men are dying to meet.


She’s magnificent, exotic, a somewhat macabre slice of womanhood. She’s the girl who looks thrilling in a form-fitting shroud, a devil-doll who has werewolves panting at her door.


She’s also a girl with a mission – a midnight mission, if you’ll pardon me saying so. She’d like you to visit her in her attic playroom… a delightfully intimate place where cobwebs take the place of chiffon curtains and bats flutter restlessly in gilded cages. If the cocktail table happens to be a tombstone – so what? Vampira pours a drink that is out of this world. And that’s exactly where a few sips may take you.


The Vampira Show 1954


The Vampira show began on April 30, 1954. The T.V. cameras would broadcast those opening moments live to an unsuspecting audience. Flickering lights dim as a wasplike silhouette appears from a misty corridor. The advancing shadowy figure materializes, as it takes the form of a woman. Nearing the camera, she raises her talons and drags them through her raven black hair. And then she screams… loudly! She quickly composes herself and addresses the camera in an old Hollywood tone, “Good Evening,” she says… “I am… Vampira.”


Los Angeles tuned in weekly to watch Vampira bathe in a cauldron, share ghoulish cocktail recipes (“one jigger formaldehyde, two jiggers vulture blood, garnish with an eyeball”), and caress her pet spider Rollo.


Plan 9 From Outer Space Featuring Vampira “The Ghoul”


Vampira plays Bela Lugosi’s deceased spouse in the Ed Wood 1957 classic, Plan 9 From Outer Space. The film starts with narrator Criswell stating, “You are interested in the unknown, the mysterious, the unexplainable. That is why you are here.” Within the first 10 minutes Vampira kills two gravediggers and goes on a terror spree with her bald sidekick inspector Clay (Tor Johnson). Over the years Plan 9 has been considered to be the epitome of “so-bad-it’s-good” vintage cinema.


Executive Replicas Inc. is proud to offer the 1/6th scale Vampira action figure.


Regular color version:


Bar code#70257136347



Retail - $349.99


Vampire 1/6 scale Collectibles action figure


Product includes:-

2 x heads with rooted hairs - PU / Polyresin duplication

2 pairs x hands

1 x cigarette and holder

1 x candle stand (polyresin) 30cm (L) x 6cm (W) x 7cm (H)

1 x black dress


Packing :

1 x 4C gift box with EPE foam protection


The individual box size

400 (L) x 155 (W) x 310 (H) mm

  • (individual) : 5.5 kgs


2 pcs per export carton

Case size : 440 (L) x 350 (W) x 350 (H) mm

Pcs / Carton : 2 pcs

  • : 12 kgs


3rd quarter/early 4th quarter 2024.


15% charge from the total order amount for canceled orders because production is due to preorder sales.


Shipping costs may increase from the time you place the order and when the item ships. Please note our system does not charge shipping costs for each individual item when ordering more than one item for one order. Items with different release dates will require additional shipping cost when each item ordered after the first item is shipped.

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